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Terrace Gardens

Terrace gardens are a great way to introduce greenery into your life. Terrace gardens help enhance workplaces and homes.

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Balcony Design

Apart from adding an aesthetic value to your home, balcony gardens help improve air quality and bring back freshness.

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Patio Design

An extension of your home can now look bright, fresh and help bring in the charm of the outdoors.

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Small space Gardens

Small spaces can look pretty too. We can help you recreate a small space in your home into something beautiful.

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Rock Gardens

We use rocks to transform your backyard into something spectacular. Rock gardens are easy to build and maintain.

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Theme Gardens

You decide the theme for your space and we will help you execute it. Want a herb garden or something unique? We can help you build it.

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Our turnkey Services

From design to completion, we will take care of it all. We begin with a thorough evaluation of the land. We take your requirements into consideration and come up with the best design and for the area. We don’t just provide consolation, but also execute the plan at hand. From Planning to products and the final product, Artoholic does it all for you.

Our landscaping services are open to corporates, commercial projects, residential projects and individual homes too.

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Turnkey Services

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Turnkey Services

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Turnkey Services

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Why choose us

Artoholic believes that every small space can be utilized and made beautiful. A garden is like your own pet. It requires love, care and a significant amount of attention. We put great care in designing your balcony, patios or terraces and help them come to life in the most unique way possible. We provide turnkey landscaping service for all our clients. This allows us to manage our project from start to finish without any delay or hiccups.