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Welcome to Artoholic, a design studio that blends interior and exterior décor seamlessly. We are a one-stop solution for those looking to give their home/corporate/commercial space a personalized feel.

We started in 2017 with a vision to make our customer’s space a representation of them. We understand that your décor should be a reflection of who you are, and should reflect your unique taste and liking. This is why we have scoured the nooks and crannies of Europe, the bustling markets of Vietnam, the historical jewel Cambodia, the culture seeped Sri Lanka, the tradition seeped Indian Artifacts for exquisite and exotic pieces of décor.

At Artoholic, you can find your treasure, because each piece of furniture and decor is unique and different. We do not believe in mass production of design and furniture, because your home deserves to be unique and exclusive.

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A product only looks good until it's placed in the right place. If you have space, then we have the expertise and décor to elevate it to the next level. Looking to decorate your garden/balcony or convert your living room into your den? We have just the right things for you.

Bespoke Industrial Furniture

You Imagine it, we will make it!

All our furniture’s are one of a kind. We have handpicked them and gotten them customized according to the needs of our clients. However, if you are a restaurateur, hotelier, pub owner, decorator or someone who requires customized furniture in bulk, then we can make that happen. Bring us a design or choose from our extensive collection and we can get them customized for you based on the dimensions of the product and space. Artoholic has worked with several clients and helped them build their brand through their décor. Be it chic, modern, vintage or contemporary designs, we can do it all.

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CHOOSE THE EXPERTS – Interior Design Consultancy

Apart from providing products for interior and exterior decoration, we also have professional architects and interior designers who can help you decorate your space. Our interior designers will be there with you at every step and guide and assist you to choose the best designs for your spaces.

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Commercial/Corporate Décor
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Home Interior Décor


We help transform corporate and personal outdoor areas into eco-friendly spaces. Artoholic specializes in nature-inspired homes and offices in a sustainable fashion. We help bring in a piece of nature in your outdoor décor. From conceptualization to execution we help transform your space just the way you’ve always imagined. Our experts will help integrate your interior décor with exteriors seamlessly.

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Don’t worry if your place is too big or too small; leave the design, conceptualization and execution to us. Artoholic will help build your place from scratch by neatly mapping out exactly what the area needs. From the pots/planters to the plants, we will be there with you to select the right choices and combinations.

We also extend our customized landscaping services to hotels, offices, hospitals, residential complexes, schools and others. Our outdoor design service is currently only available in Bangalore.



Have you moved into your new home but it still feels like something is missing? Get us a picture of your living room or any room you feel seems incomplete and our experts will help you with the right décor and accessories. Each piece of décor has a story to tell. Does the lampshade in your bedroom compliment that beautiful ceramic vase you’ve selected? What looks better on blank wall space? Should you put up an artistic wall clock or a large painting? Get all your décor solutions at our design studio in Bangalore.

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Product Categories

Artoholic prides itself in being one of the few design studios that deals in the interior as well as exterior décor. We believe that there should be harmony between the kind of accessories and décor that is inside as well as outside. You can find a variety of products such as dining tables, coffee tables and many more products in our interior section and products such as garden furniture, pots, vertical gardens and many more in our outdoor section.


True craftsmanship along with our passion to make every piece of furniture and accessory different from each other helps us achieve the perfect combination of style your home needs. Our products have been crafted all around the world to help your home look the way you’ve always desired.

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We handpick products that we like from all around the world and if required we also make customized products that will look good in your institution. If you are a garden landscape designer or just a trying something new for your home, you’ll definitely find something here.

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